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At Free Company Folders, we understand the challenges associated with real estate broker marketing. We’ve been serving the industry for two decades, and our solutions have earned us the role of a trusted real estate marketing partner in thousands of realty offices across North America. Our specialty is creating high-quality branded real estate folders, which we provide at no cost to the office. These are helpful in many circumstances, whether you share them with other business professionals who may refer clients to you, distribute them at open houses, give them to clients with important documents, or use them in some other way. The eye-catching graphics are sure to get attention, and your company gains recognition from providing high-quality, branded materials.

How We’re Able to Give Away Free Real Estate Folders

If you’ve ordered real estate broker folders before, you know that a single purchase can run well into the thousands. It’s true that premium realty office folders are expensive, and ours are no different in this respect, but we’re able to provide them at no cost because we partner with businesses in your area who need exposure and offer them ad spots on your publication. Common advertisers include banks, mortgage companies, handymen, title companies, and home inspectors. Our ad-supported program is a win for everyone involved. You receive free premium real estate presentation folders and your advertisers get recognition within the communities they serve.

What You Receive

Our in-house professional graphics department has lots of new and different ideas to make your real estate folders and company stand out from the crowd. We will customize your piece to include your logo, full-color photo, or any other corporate information you wish to include. All we’ll need from you is information on how you’d like your real estate broker marketing materials branded and perhaps a list of companies you’d like to sponsor you. We’ll do the rest.

We Do It All

  • Layout
  • Design
  • Art
  • Printing
  • Securing the Advertisers


We work with you and your real estate office team to develop a contemporary custom design for premium presentation folders for your brokerage. We present you with final design renderings for approval, print on high quality paper stock, then deliver between 300 and 5,000 folders and other branded marketing materials to your realty office. The cost of the folders is covered by community advertising, with print ads that run on the inside pages of the presentation folders. We work with you to develop a list of interested advertisers and referral partners in your local area. Our sales team then the contacts potential advertisers directly and manages the entire advertising sales process, ad fulfillment and billing. Realty offices get high quality folders, and community businesses seeking to reach local home buyers get access to a targeted audience. It’s a win-win for your business and the community.


We are proud to say that contractors all over the country have chosen our company to provide them with this effective marketing tool. As a Preferred Vendor, your business is at the buyer’s, seller’s and agent’s finger tips to refer to when your services are needed before and after the sale. This opportunity is an invaluable marketing tool to all contractors, big and small.